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Voltage / frequency / Hz 220/50
Power, W 280
Max. flow l / h 1480
Max. head, m 70
Outlet size, mm 14
 - height, mm 272
 - diameter, mm 109
The cable length is not less than, m 10



"Brook" series

Designed for pumping and lifting water from wells with depth up to 60 m. Also for pumping fresh water from any water reservoirs with the water temperature not higher than 35 ° C. Can be used for drinking water supply of residential homes, cottages, farms, municipal and industrial facilities. For watering gardens, orchards, as well as for domestic water supply. Vibrating pumps Series VPN are designed with the top water intake ВH-280 / B. This provides continuous cooling of electromagnetic system protecting it from damage and overload. Upper water intake eliminates cloudy water at the source and suction from the bottom of the various mechanical impurities (silt, sand, pebbles). And the lower the lower water intake model BH-280 / H allows to drain the water without any other water left inside.

Lower water intake