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Voltage / frequency, V / Hz 220/50
Power, W 900
Idle speed, rev / min 800-3000
Cutting capacity, mm  
- wood 100
- aluminum 28
- steel 10



Jig Saw is ergonomic and lightweight but strong enough because of powerful 900 Watts engine. It enables sawing of materials from wood to flesh up to 100 mm thick.

This model has speed adjustment function and allows you to select the speed depending on the material (for example organic glass is cut at an extremely low speed). Variable speed also allows you to start cutting more carefully and preciese and increase the speed to the maximum later.

Jig saw is equipped with a laser pointer which makes the tracking of straight cuts more easy. Chips and sawdust cover the material so its hard to control the straight cutting, so laser pointer prevents from missing the straight line.

Changing the position of the base plate every 15 degrees allows you to cut the material at the angle of up to 45 degrees.

Base plate is made of cast aluminum. So it greatly affects the accuracy of the cutting.

Jig saw is supplied with a plastic cover on the base plate which protects the polished and varnished surfaces from scratches while cutting.

3-position pendulous action for fast cutting. Cutting speed can be increased up to 40% with this function.

Jig saw is supplied with a rip fence with metric graduations which improves the quality of parallel cuts.

Jig saw is possible to connect with industrial vacuum cleaner. Such combination can make your working place much cleaner and prevent the indoor air from the dust.